Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Quicksilver Faire by Gillian Summer Book Review

Genre: Fantasy
Age: Teen
Pages: 329
Gender: Girls
Publication Year: 2011

Story Plot: 3/5
Description: 4/5
Characters: 5/5
Writing: 5/5
Other: 4/5

Total: 21/25
Percent: 84%
Grade: B
     Sorry, I haven't posted a review in a very long time. I probably still won't post that often, but here is a review anways. I read this book a few weeks ago so, yeah. And sorry for spelling errors ahead of time.

     The Quicksilver Faire is about Keelie Heartwood who is the main character the Faire Folk Saga. She is a half elf and half human/fairy being. Well, she is going to Canada to go stay with the Northwood elves and go to the Fairy High Court to exterminate a fued. (The fued is about a leak in magic, but really it is just because elves and fairies really hate each other.) When Keelie "messes" up in helping the high court fairy queen, Keelie feels the fate of the world like a heavy weight on her shoulders. Bum Bum Baaaaa.

     Well as you see from my terribly vague plot discription. This book has a very common plot. A average teen or maybe not, has gone on many adventures and has learned a lot and now this very teen must save the world. But don't get me wrong I liked the plot, but it was just very common. But that was not my main problem about the plot, it is was it would of gotten a four. My main problem was that the book series has gotten way bigger. I don't mean in length I mean how many people it affects. Part of the reason I like the first trilogy in this saga was because it affected a small group of people and it made it seem way more likely, even if this book series is a fantasy series. But in this new trilogy, expecially in this book, the events that take place affect a lot more people. I know, that that is supposed to hype you up and make you excited. But it just makes me kind of bored and I don't feel as big as a warm familiar feeling when I read the book. That little writtne rant didn't make any sense, but anyway other than those to problems that plot was as good as any plot can be as a chick lit fantasy novel.

     I don't really have that much to say about the description in this book. It didn't have any fancy detailed language in it. But that is really not what people are looking for when they read a easy read teen chick lit book. Anyway it is from the point of view of a teenager (well, kind of it is in third person but still). Do you expect any fancy descriptions from a highschool mall brat (if you put it in Keelie's words)?

   I thought the characters were well developed. They had four books before them to develop the characters. So you already have Keelie pretty developed. But during this book series they always kept the beach boy elf boyfriend Sean, as just an empty shell made to please or tick off Keelie. But in this book they added a little more to his character and made you wonder about him (though he still seems kind of empty headed). They could of developed the fairy queen more and make her seem more like a good loving queen and sister so there is a more surprised reaction in the end. But thats ok. The authors also spiced up the character as Peascod, which was fun and made him much more interesting to read about. One thing that bothered me is that I'm not really sure if the authors want the trolls to be more like animals or humanoids. Because in the the Shadows of the Redwoods this elf is half well elf and half troll. He was a humanoid. But in The Quicksilver Faire the trolls seemed more like animals that just chewed on stuff. The only really humanoid thing they did was dance around a flag pool. If they aren't human like and more animal like, then that is kind of gross. Because the elf/troll person's mother must of been slightly disturbed.

     I should really join this and the description section together, because I think I pretty much covered this section in that section, so go there.

    The only other thing I have to complain about is that I think they should have kept this series at a trilogy, like it was originaly planned to be. Though I am enjoying this series dispite all of my complaining. I just this new series is somewhat pointless. It is also darker which takes away some of the fun from me, for this was pretty much my only light and happy series I read. The cover is also not very attractive, if I haven't been reading this book series for the last four years I certaintly wouldn't have picked this book up. I have not other problems.

    Even though I might have a few problems with this book, it is still a fun easy read.