Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Tale of the Body Thief by Anne Rice Book Review

Genre: Drama, Horror, and Romance
Age: Adult
Pages: 435
Gender: Male and Female
Puplication Year: 1992

Plot: 7/10
Description: 10/10
Characters: 9/10
Pacing: 6/10
Writing: 10/10
Interest: 9/10
Other: 9/10
Cover: 1/5
Memorable: +1

Total: 62/75
Percentage: 83%
Grade: B

   This book took me a long time to finish, as most of the other books I read by Anne Rice. It was an ok book, not the best but still worth reading.

   The plot was interesting, but at points ridiculous. The anti hero of the series, Lestat got an offer to switch bodies with this man who had the power to switch bodies for a short period of time. The man gave Lestat many warnings that he was a not very trustworthy man, but Lestat wanted to be human, so against all his friends advice he switched bodies. So in this book you get to read about how Lestat tries to be human, and many other slightly interesting things.

   The characters in all of Anne Rice's books are very well developed. You really get to feel as if you know them. The characters really should get ten, but I have one problem with Lestat. He is just extremely annoying, he always does really stupid things. Then he mopes around feeling sorry for himself and that just makes me extremely irritated so I only gave characters a 9.

   Their is one, singular reason why these books take me so long to finish. The pacing of them. They are always really slow and it is not really a even slow either. In some parts it goes just slow and in some parts it goes really slow. But maybe it is just me who thinks that.

   Anne Rice has a wonderful writing style. I don't know how to explain it, but it is just epic. To if you are looking for a book with excellent writing in it, this is definetly a series for you.

   Since I read some books in this series already, my interest level was pretty high. I recommend this book to people who like vampires but not really in the horror area but more in the drama area.

   There is not really anything else that bothers me with this book except for the nun character in this book. She is supposed to be a nun, but she doesn't believe in God, so why is she a nun? That's my question.

   The cover for the edition of this book I read was just hideous, nothing really else I can say about it.

   This book is memorably, really just because of it's plot that is more on the weird side.

   This book was an ok edition to the vampire chronicles. But it definitly is not as good as the first book.