Thursday, 1 July 2010


Sorry I haven't posted a review in a while. The reason why is because that I was in England for for 6 days. Since my last post I finished two books. So I should have those reviews up soon. I also made a new grading system I am going to test out and hopefully like. I was trying to make it add up to a hundred, but I could only think of enough to add up to 75 if you have any ideas just post it is the comments. I would highly appreciate it. I also plan to make a color scheme for my blog that is much lighter colored and I also want to make little pictures to put with the letter of each grade. But that might take a long time.Thank you for reading.

New Grading System:
Plot: 10

Description: 10

Characters: 10

Pacing: 10

Writing: 10

Interest: 10

Other: 10

Cover: 5

Memorable: +_

Total: _/75
Percent: _%
Grade: _


  1. Maybe your rating icons could be garden tools? Like a trowel or pair of gloves? Just an idea.

  2. Stopping by from the hop. Have a great weekend!