Sunday, 12 September 2010

Montmorency: thief, liar, gentleman? by Eleanor Updale Book Review

Genre: Historical Fiction and Thriller
Age: Young Adult
Pages: 233
Gender: Male
Publication Year: 2003

Plot: 10/10
Description: 8/10
Characters: 10/10
Pacing: 10/10
Writing: 9/10
Interest: 10/10
Other: 10/10
Cover: 5/5
Memorable: +2

Total: 74/75
Percent: 99%
Grade: A

   I must say this book made me happy through and through. This post may not be too detailed because I read this book a long while ago.

  The plot was absolutely wonderful. Here is the plot that was takenback of the book: London, 1875. When a petty thief falls through ad glass roof while fleeing from the police, it chould have been the death of him. Instead, it marks the beginning of a whole new life. The thief is sewn back together by a brilliant young surgeon, and before long he's become the chief exhibit at medical gatherings across the city. It's at one of these learned discussions that he first hears about an amazing addition to the London streets- the sewer- and an idea begins to form. The sewers are the perfect escape route for a series of daring robberies, and the thief is the only one with the ingenuity to pull them off. He takes on two identities- the wealthy, sophisticated gentleman Montmorency and his filthy, corrupt servant, Scarper. But Montmorency must constantly be on guard. His whole life is bulit on lies, and the slightest mistake could betray him.   Sorry that I didn't write the plot myself, it is just that I decided that this is much easier. Well, anyway I think that the plot was very original, even though the location and time is not.

   The description in Montmorency is nothing to call home about. But there wasn't anything bad about it. So I gave it a 8/10. I did like the authors description of his scars though and for sure the descriptions she used to describe his character.

   The characters were great, absolutely great. The characters were very flawed. Montmorency was very interesting because he is a bad person really, since he steals, but when he is not stealing things he seems like a very kind person. So it really is like their is two characters in the same character. So I think that characters diserve a 10/10.

   The pacing of the book was very fast, so I had no trouble getting in to it. Since it was quick it was a very easy read. You could probably finish it in about two hours.

   The writing was good. There was nothing remarkable about it, but it for sure wasn't bad.

   I was really interested in this book, since I love books about criminals and based in Victorian England. So this book just called to me when I saw it at the used bookstore. I would recommend it just for it's creative plot.

   I have nothing else I can comment on in this book.

   The cover is very nice it looks mysterious and interesting. I would also just pick this book up just for the cover.

   This book was memorable for pretty much what I have talked about for this entire thing.

   Sorry, this review has taken me a long while to put up and I have not written much, I just need to get back into the habbit of writing. So hopefully I will have some more reviews up tonight. Also if you have any ideas for a new grading system please comment, since this one is giving me some trouble. :(

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