Sunday, 6 June 2010

Black Rabbit Summer By: Kevin Brooks Book Review

Genre: Realistic Fiction
Age: 12+
Pages: 488
Gender: Both
Publication Year: 2008
Plot: 5/5
Description: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Developed: 5/5
Fast Paced: 3/5
Cover: 2/3
Score: 25/28
Percent: 89%
Grade: B+
Black Rabbit Summer.....Pretty darn good book. First, the plot! The main character Pete is just leting his summer go by, sitting around the house basically doing nothing. Then he gets a call from one of his old time pals, Nicole. She wants him to join a get together with the others(which he doesn't really want to go and afraid his new, good friend Raymond) at their old hideout. He decides to go bringing Raymond. Not a good start when they bump into a really bad "tough" bully, Campell. But things get a little better with meeting Pauly, weird, high teenager, Eric sister of Nicole, and Nicole herself, the peppy, cool acting girl(I'll explain Raymond later). They talk a little, remembering past times, then after they all leave and after the weird run in with Nicole, Raymond and Pete head into the carnival. They do what everyone does at a fair. Ride rides, consetion stands and what not(visiting more people). Raymond wants to visit the Madame Baptiste Fortune-Teller. Pete gives in. Madame Baptiste let's them in and gives Raymond his fortune. But what she sees troubles her. One of the cards she drew were an Ace Of Spades. Raymond says it's a death card and asks is someone going to die? She dodges the question and says sometimes bad things happen. Tonight? She don't answer. Just sends them on their way. Later after that....Pete finds out that Raymond disappeared. Through out the book he tries to find out what happened to his friend while also discovering deep secrets within his old friends. The stuff that happens is really interesting and fun to read about. Now, the description is very precise in my opinoin. Like a movie, in a way. The characters are explained perfectly. You'd know their personality well and still wonder, and see if youcan find out what they're hiding. You really get into them. I said some of the characters already except for Raymond and Pete. Pete is the kind of person that you would think is quiet and sort of keeps to himself, but is very kind and do whatever it takes to succeed his goals. Raymond is super quiet and some think he is very weird. He thinks his rabbit talks to him. I think that kind of funny, not weird, just funny. Like hehe, funny. But that is all you get out of him I think. Because the author leaves him mysterious in a way which he did really good at. That leads to developed. Really good it is. Always tries to leave you guessing and lets you into Pete's feelings all the time. Fast paced, I don't think it is. As I said the feelings and thinking of Pete kind of stalls in the events that are happening. Cover is kind of good, but they could have done better. I suggest this book to reader's who like long books and enjoy a sort of twisting and turning of events. Very good and I almost couldn't put it down(especially at the end). ;) Now scram and get that book!!!!!!

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