Monday, 17 May 2010

Book Review On Wolf Island By: Darren Shan

Genre: Fantasy
Age: 13+
Pages: 196
Gender: Mostly male but female can too
Publication Year: 2008
Plot: 5/5
Description: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Developed: 5/5
Fast Paced: 4/5
Cover: 3/3
Score: 27/28
Percent: 96%
Grade: A

A very good series the Demonata is. This book is the 8th one. If you haven't heard of this I highly suggest it. The first one is Lord Loss. Now get it!! Anyway, this book was sooo good. A very thought out plot, with amazing twists and turns. I didn't know what was going to happen next!!! Beranabus, Kernal, and Grubbs are searching for answers on the Shadow. What is it? What is its plans? How do we destroy it? They kept going from universe to universe...Until they get an unexpected surprise visit for Meera and Shark. They had come because they were attaked by, not demons, but werewolves! Dervish was the target and with him having a heart attack he needed help. Grubbs, able to do anything for his beloved uncle, he goes to the rescue. All kinds of questions stir up and they need answers. After all, time is of essence...Just that makes me excited for the next Grubbs Grady adventure! The description made me feel like I was really there. With all the gruesome gore, the horrible tension and fear. Gave me shivers it did. The characters....Don't get me started. Grubbs( I just love him. He is awesome, kick butt) is still well explained and the author really shows his enternal emotions and thoughts. Beranabus, you never know with that guy. Darren Shan gives you a veiw( a little in this book since he is only in the beginning) that he is the type of guy that is always going, straight to the point. Kernal.....He is sometimes a mystery. Shark is the army, love of the fight guy. Shan shows his traits very well. He does very well with Meera too. This must have took some time to fix and put together the twists and all the events s well. But never gives to much away. Let's you make your own prediction and thoughts. It is fast paced except for some spots. The cover is really cool. A different type of werewolf. Read this series!!!!!! It got me definately hooked. I bet it will to you too.

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