Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Bonemender by Holly Bennett Book Review

Genre: Fantasy
Age: 12+
Gender: Female (Maybe Male)
Pages: 203
Publication Year: 2005

Plot: 5/5
Description: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Developed: 1/5
Fast Paced: 4/5
Cover: 1/3

Final Score: 21/28
Percentage: 75%
Grade: C

   In all the plot was pretty good. It was about a women who could heal people in a way most humans can't. One day two men comes to her village, one seriously hurt and the main bonehealer, Gabrielle heals him. She of course falls in love with the guy that is not hurt, Feolan. Later she figures out they are elves and they bring information that will start a war. So the plot is pretty good. So I gave it a 5 out of 5. The description was great too, they described the chracters well, the setting well everything well. The battle descriptions near the end were absolutely brilliant, it felt as if i was there. I thought the characters were pretty good as well, they were believable and nice. Though I wished they would develop the character Derkh more, but otherwise they made the characters there own. My big complain about this story is that a lot of things other then the characters were not well developed. Even though I knew Gabrielle and Feolan would fall in love, it just had to happen since it is a YA novel, it wasn't developed at all. It was like, guess what, I love you, want to be my mate? You just didn't feel anything. They could of spent at least 50 more pages developing the relationship showing their love grow for each other. Another thing that bothered me is that sometimes in the book they would just go ahead of the story and say something and you don't know what happened then they will go back and explain it. Here is an example from the book: oh council I had a dream. What dream? Now let's go backward and tell you about the dream. I am not sure if I made any sense, but they did that a lot to the story and I guess it bothered me. The story was very fast paced, of course, it had to be because it was only 203 pages along, but that doesn't change it from being fast paced. This last section is stupid, but I thought the cover was very cheesy. It didn't look cheesy when I bought if off the computer but when I got it is just looked cheesy. I must say even though I gave it a C with my old random grading system I would of gave it a B-. The book wasn't totally bad, actually it was kind of fun to read. So pick up this book if you want a easier slightly more girly version of Lord of the Rings to read.


  1. Great review, i like that its mixed and your honest with the good and bad, thanks for following btw, i am following you also, happy reading! :)

  2. I hate it when books say something and then go back to explain it. I've seen this happening in a lot of books, and it always annoys me each time.

    Great review, by the way!

  3. THANK YOU ! this is exactly the tyoe of book review we want. you can tell its your honest opinion, and your not talking all fancy-like so we cant understand the truth, and how you really felt about the book.