Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Viking Warrior by Judson Roberts Book Review

Genre: Histrorical Fiction and Adventure
Age: 13+
Pages: 341
Gender: Male

Plot: 4/5
Detail: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Fast or Slow: 5/5
Enjoyment: 3/5
Cover: 2/3
Memorable: +1

Total: 23/28
Percentage: 82%
Grade: B-

   This book was interesting, enjoyable, but yet not overly enjoyable. The plot was good, not the very best but yet interesting. It is about a 14 year old boy named Halfdan, who was a slave yet, when his father that never claimed him as a son comes back from a voyage on the brink of death and asks his mother, also a slave to take the death journey with him, she says yes as long as her son becomes free. So when he is free, his brother who soon becomes a close friend then teaches him to fight and he figures out he is a rare type of killer. A gory story about the Viking world. The details were really good, nice and gory how I like them. They described the battles beautifully, but I gave it a 4/5 since I think they should of described his mother's death better and someone elses death better too, but I can't say who it is or it would ruin the book. At the beginning I liked the characters. Halfdan's mother the most, but after she dies I start to like the main character, but he changes a lot as the story goes on and at the end I became extremely ticked off with his point of view, so I had to dock it a point. The book was very fast, at the beginning the most, near the end it slowed down a little bit, but not too much to make a difference. In enjoyment I gave it a 3/5 since I grew extremely tired of the characters, I stopped caring what Halfdan did, I stopped caring who died. I think the book was at its prime when right before his mother died, a book should not be at it's prime in the beginning so I didn't enjoy this book too much. The cover is ok, but they definetly could have done better with it. The guy on it looks way older then 14 and 15, but it is cool how he is dirty. For extra credit I gave it a +1 even though it was not my favorite book, but i will remember it for it giving me a peek on viking life. This book was an ok book. I recommend it to people who like not too deep, bloody adventures.

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