Thursday, 15 April 2010

Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman Book Review

Genre: fiction fanasty
Age: 11+
Pages: 201(not that long as you can see for those lazy bones out there)
Gender: Male
Publication Year: 2003

Fast Paced:5/5

Final Score:21/28

I thought this book was kind of amazing. the plot was well thought out(to me it was. I would never think of this). It's about a boy named Blake with a troubled past and an annoying little brother. They go to the carnival and at one of the consection(I so spelled that wrong) stand was a creepy lady. Blake won a deformed teddy bear and inside its pocket was an invitation to another place. He didn't want to go. But his brother, Quinn, did. So now his body in a coma, Blake has to go to the weird mystified place and save his brother and face his past. Very pyschological and adventurous. I love all the rides. But I do think he should have put more background information at the begining, like maybe a couple of chapters. Just so we readers can get connected to the characters a lot more. Speaking of characters:) I do like Maggie cause sometimes she just seem like the tough girl. Russ I just think is the typical jock. Quinn at first just seems like a darn, long pain in the butt. Of course, I like Blake. Just one of those nice, brother protecting, normal guys. And if you like very fast paced books, you should read this book. Definately read it if you're into the pyschological, adventurous, fantasy novel books(maybe Emily would like to read this). Thanks for listening!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sorry about the picture, just getting used to this XD

  2. One of my fave books! :D Neal Shusterman rocks. I agree that there could have been a bit more of a back-story. It just jumps right in, which is good and bad I guess. Lol.