Thursday, 1 April 2010

Poison Book Review

Author: Chris Wooding
Publication Date: 9/01/06
Grade: A
Gender: Female and Male
Age: 12+
Genre: Fantasy and Adventure
    Wow, this book was so good. The whole entire book Poison was doing something exciting. I can't really say anything bad about it except that around page 50 I got kind of bored, but that is only because I was reading like 10 other books. Anyway I can't say anything bad about it. There was never any points in the story where the heroine wasn't doing anything. Some parts were truely very creepy, like when she went to the spider realm. Since I hate spiders it absolutely creeped me out, I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure a big spider wasn't behind me. You know who the character Poison reminded me of? She reminded me of Coraline, I just don't know why, but she did. Sometimes I thought Poison was a little to stubborn, sometimes her choises made me mad, but that's ok, it just means I got really into the book. Half way through the book I thought I had the end predicted, but no it was way different. They brought a nice little fairy tale into something way different. The climax and ending was just so creative. Imagine, everybody's lives were written by one person, it was just a great idea. I liked when she tried to kill herself everyone else was dying too, good idea. While the book while I as reading it, I thought Peppercorn was Poison sister. When they said it was really the traveler, I thought it was kind of funny. There was so much irony in this book. Out of all the characters I think Bram was the best, he was kind and he didn't have anything about him that really made him not likeable. I love all the murders that went on near the end, it was fun! I loved the spider queen lady person thing, she was so cool, I love insane people. I liked the ending too, I won't say the very ending, because I already gave away so much, but it was good. So as you can tell I like this book.

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