Thursday, 1 April 2010

A Curse Dark as Gold Book Review

Author: Elizabeth C. Bunce
Publication Date: 3/01/08
Grade: A
Gender: Female
Age: 11+
Genre: Historical and Fantasy
       I absolutely loved this book. It was just so good, I was practically drooling over the pages in happiness. This book wasn't even close to the story Rumpelstiltskin, but it was still so good. It was so hard thinking about a bad thing in this book, but i found one very small thing. I got a little confused when they were telling Uncle Wheeler's story, but it's ok because I got it soon enough, but other then that it was brilliant. I love the idea that Rumpelstiltskin was really a ghost hunting the mill. In fact I don't really like the original story, I like this one much better. The main character, Charlotte Miller, was a good role model, in my eyes. She was strong, hardworking, and she was not willing to give up on anything. She was just so cool. All the characters are very well developed and when bad things happened I worried about them. I even liked the character Jack Spinner (John Simple), he wasn't even that bad. I loved hearing about all the town superstitions. The character Randall, was awesome too. I usually don't like too much romance in novels, but their romance was fun, but I wished Charlotte didn't distant herself from him in some parts. Near the end I almost thought she was going to choose the mill over her baby, but of  course she found a way to save both. I thought it was interesting that they didn't include the guessing the name part in the book, she just convinced John Simple to go to his son, the poor guy, I really felt sorry for him, after all his life was very cruel. Anyway I absolutely loved this book, as you can see I just couldn't put it down and I will definitely pick up the authors next book when it comes out.

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