Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Color Purple Book Review

Author: Alice Walker
Publication Date: 1982
Grade: A-
Gender: Female
Age: 14+ (Strict Parents: 16+)
   This book took my a while to read mostly because it was a book I was reading for school and also because at some parts I thought it was a little slow. Over all it was a good book. It showed how bad life had been for women, particularily African Americans. The book brought up a lot of topics physical abuse, sexual abuse, and racism. It also had a lesbian twist to it. While I read it I got a little confused by the way they talked, I know it is supposed to be like a journal, but sometimes I could only get the gist of what they were saying. In the middle, as I brought up earlier, was a little slow, but only for a very little part. There was a vast set of characters so sometimes I got confused then too. This is not really the books fault, but I just have to say, I was reading this book because I tested out of the other Great Depression book my class read, so this book has something to do with the Great Depression and not until the very end could I tell that it was about the Great Depression because they started  talking a little about World War 2, so I knew before that it was the Great Depression, but they didn't talk about it at all, not about Black Tuesday, loosing jobs or anything. It is not really the authors fault, it just made it a little harder for me in school, that's all. Well anyway, I liked that Celie was a lesbian it made her different from a lot of literary characters. What I don't see is how she loved Shug! She was so rude to Celie when she first met her. Well I guess people can forgive. Even though sometimes the way the book is written sometimes confused me, it was also kind of cool, setting it apart from other books. At the begining of the book I hated Mr._____, but near the end when he became nice, I actually liked his character. I loved reading about Nettie, it was very interesting to learn about Africa and the African life. So in all it was a good book.

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  1. I found you through the Book Blogger Hop.

    I've wanted to read this book for a while, ever since the performance started to tour. I think I have to wait until I'm ready for a heavy, complicated book though--they can take up so much extra time!