Wednesday, 24 March 2010

What I Couldn't Help But Buy...

Fading Echoes (Warriors) by Erin Hunter
         I have been a Warriors fan for four almost five years, so I always have to get the new books. So far out of all the book series my favorite is the Power of Three, I am not really sure about this one yet, I just think I need some new characters, you just know the characters too well now, but maybe the sisters will make it better. I just think maybe they should make a series based in another Clan, like ShadowClan!

A Clan In Need (Warriors) by Erin Hunter
       I am not really big on manga, but I had to read it because it is Warriors, so far I have not been fond of Warriors manga and I already read this, because I read it right when I got home and I really didn't think it was that good, so anyway I will put a review up for this one.

Boneshaker by Cherie Priest
     On amazon they suggested this book to me, so I went to the bookstore and bought it. Anyway, I loved the book Leviathan, so I decided to try some more steampunk. I heard some good stuff about it, so I decided to get it!

Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken
    Well, I didn't really buy it, I ordered it so I guess I bought it, so I should be here in a week or two, hopefully. I have been wanting this book forever and it wasn't at my lacking Barnes and Noble, so i had to order it. I heard so much good things about this book, so I hope it is good.

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