Monday, 1 March 2010

Let The Right One In Book Review

Author: John Ajvide Lindqvist
Publication Date: 10/28/08 (English)
Grade: A
Gender: Male and Female
Age: 14+ (Strict Parents: 16+)
Genre: Horror and Romance
   This book was amazing. When I bought it I had very high expectations and it didn't let me down. On this review I am going to focus on the things that make this book good and very uncomfortable and times. First one thing that is absolutely disgusting is that Hakan who gets blood for Eli is a pedophile. There is this one part when the kid has no teeth, if you read it you would know what I'm talking about and it's pretty disgusting. Anyway that part is short. I liked how they talked about everything that is wrong in the world, exspecially murder, but they talk about drugs, bullying and other things like that too. I felt very sorry for Oskar through the whole book. I liked how I could kind of relate with him. Even though it made me sad, I liked hearing about his problems and how he cut up the trees thinking of murder. I liked the romance between Eli and Oskar, it was way better then the corny vampire romance in Twilight. I liked the ironic innocence of the whole thing. I loved when Eli sneaked into Oskar's window at night and no it was not copied from Twilight, this book was published in Sweden first. It was so cute, in a weird way. I liked how Eli wore like all the girl clothes even though you discover that is gender is very interesting. It reminded me a lot of Ring by Koji Suzuki. It was cool. It was very surprising when Hakan dumped the acid on his face, put cool. My review is so far so complementary so I will put in stuff I didn't absolutely love now. Ok the Chinese restaurant group was kind of boring to read about and when Virginia killed those cats it made me very sad and other from that I loved the whole thing. I had a lot of fun reading about Tommy, I don't know why though, it was just interesting. Just to say, the ending was wonderful, but not open for a sequel. This book is for anyone who likes mostly horror, but with a little bit of twisted romance.

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