Monday, 1 March 2010

The Red Queen's Daughter Book Review

Author: Jacqueline Kolosov
Publication Date: 10/2/07
Grade: B+
Gender: Female
Age: 12+
Genre: Historical Fiction and Fantasy
The book over all had a good plot, but there was some definite things that spoil the book a teensy bit for me. First, the character is to perfect for me. Mary Seymour is beautiful and good all the way threw. She has very strong beliefs and is very studious. There seems to be nothing wrong with her, except for that she falls in love with Edmund. It gets a little annoying how she just can't except that she loves him. Second is that they never explains why Edmund seduces Frances ,maybe I missed it. After all, I read that part late at night so I might have missed it, but I don't think I did. Last I didn't like the ending. It seemed rushed. They could of spent a hundred more pages devoloping Edmund's and Mary's romance. The author could of spent another fifty pages describing how he was arrested. Then the epilogue I think was useless. I think she should of just made a sequel, I would of read it. Even though I have only been pointing out the flaws(I'm a pessimist, I often do that), there were a lot of good things as well. I loved reading about the magic and Mary's meetings with Cordelia. I liked the part where they were at Vivienne's house a lot. I even liked Perseus, even though I am not a dog person. I wished she could of explained more about him, he was a mystery to me. Over all it was a good book, a little flawed but good. I recommend this to any girl that liked a healthy blend of magic and history.

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