Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Black Book Of Secrets Book Review

Author: F.E Higgins
Publication Date: 10/02/07
Grade: B+
Gender: Male and Female
Age: 11+
I have read this book and I thought this was pretty darn good. The characterization I just loved. Ludlow was sooooo cool. I felt sorry of him for his parents. They should learn to get a job!! Mr. Zabbidou was pretty good, but I just don't know what you would call his personallity. Reminds me of my mom sometimes.......Anyway, what I don't really like is when it's in third person sometimes, but then it's in first person. In my opinion, first person was way better. Plus, the ending. It's cool how like, they write down everyone's secrets. But then they left the cliff hanger. They should have put more detail about the orginization that they were in. I know they had some, but the author needs more. Although I still like this author and that I will read the next one.

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