Sunday, 7 March 2010

City of Bones Book Review

Author: Cassandra Clare
Publication Date: 3/27/07
Grade: C+
Gender: Female
Age: 13+
Genre: Fantasy and Romance
    Sorry to say, but this book isn't really my genre. First thing is the character Jace annoyed me. Everything he said made me just dislike him and I don't no what it means for me, but I didn't understand some of his sayings. He was way to full of himself and even though I think the author wants you to feel sorry for him, I didn't at all. I just hated him so much. I didn't like the character Clary either. She just didn't believe in anything. Like when Valentine was Jace's father, yea that bothered me when she didn't believe him. I didn't like how she was choosing Jace over Simon either. Simon was practically the only good character in the whole book. He was still devoted to Clary even if she just completely forgot about him and started kissing her own brother. Ok now since I said brother I will tell you my opinion on the brother sister thing. I thought it was only thing in the whole book that was interesting. Seriously, during that part of the book I was practically falling asleep, it was that boring, well until we figured out they were related then it got extremely better, but then Clary had to be all I don't believe you so then I got bored again. The part with Alec being gay, I thought was good, because there is nothing wrong with gay people, I would just wish they made him more likeable. Ok anyway done with the negatives. Overall the book was very fast pace and they developed the characters well. It was just that it was not my genre that's all.

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