Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A Clan In Need Manga Review

Created: Erin Hunter
Written: Dan Jolley
Art: James L. Barry
Publication Date: 3/23/10
Grade: C-
Gender: Male and Female
Age: 9+
Genre: Fantasy
      I finshed this in about twenty minutes. As I said in earlier posts, I don't like manga, well the only manga I read is Warriors, so maybe I just don't like Warriors manga. As you can see I gave this a very bad grade because I seriously think it is lacking. I'm a major Warriors fan, I've been reading it forever, the first book I became absolutely obsessed with,  but lately my thoughts about Warriors has been going down hill, maybe because I started reading it when I was in Elementry school, so maybe I'm growing to old for it, who knows. Anyway it has been so lacking recently, exspecially this manga book. I has no emotion at all. I know all the characters from the books, and they just don't seem the same. Even our good old Firestar isn't the same. If something bad happens I don't feel a thing. In fact I feel like I'm rushing through it trying to get it done with. Another thing is that the lines are so cheesy, in the books I think all the characters have good well thought out lines but not here. They all state the obvious. Another thing is, I don't really like the pictures, so offense to the drawer I just don't. I don't know why, it just isn't pleasant to look at. The battle with the old Bloodclan cats at the end was real stupid, it didn't make any sense it was just stupid and the BloodClan cats just decided to stop hunting there, I just didn't get it. The end had no real resolution either. Yes, they were going to try to take their farm back, but they didn't say that Thunderclan was going to help them our not. So as you can tell I seriously didn't like this book, I think instead of making these manga books they should just make them into regular books. The only manga Warriors book that was good at all was the Rise of Scourge, seriously.

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