Monday, 22 March 2010

My Top Ten Favorite Books...

Here is a list of my top ten favourite books. I wrote the summary because some of the summaries I didn't like. The covers are not always the version I read it is just the cover I like the best. I will be posting the review for The Frightened Man today, well later today.

1. Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist
    This story is based in the 1980s in Sweden and is mainly about a twelve year old boy named Oskar who is bullied in school. He is very unhappy until he meets Eli, a 200 year old vampire who has been 12 for a very long time and still feels twelve. It also follows a lot of other characters as well. This isn't your average romantic vampire, there is many plot turns and scenes that make this book stand out among other vampire novels, but beware I found this book in the adult horror section. You won't find this cover in a store in the US of UK, since it is the original Swedish version, but it is just so cool.

2. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind
    This book goes through the life of a man who lived in 18th Century France named Jean- Baptise Grenouille (I love his name, almost made me wish I took French instead of German.) Well anyway, Grenouille is gifted, he has a super good since of smell. As you can tell by the title Grenouille is a murderer. He kills more then 20 girls because they smell good and he makes a Perfume out of them. This brilliant book has a great climax and ending, but beware when he is in the cave in the middle it drags a little, but it is still great. Beware readers, I found this book in the adult literature section. This is also my favourite book to says lines out of.

3. The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey
      This book is about a boy named Will Henry who lived in the 1880s who, after he is orphaned by a fire, becomes a apprentice to a docter named Pellinore Warthrop. He is a very peculiar docter since he studies monsters, not ghosts and silly stuff like that, but other "creatures of G_d" like us. The main monster in this book in the Anthrophopagi, which has been mentioned in much older stories as well (I just had to look it up) but sometimes in this story the monster is human. Anyway Will and Dr. Warthrop go through some pretty nasty little adventures. There is also a little bit of Jack the Ok beware to people with a weak stomach when it comes to gore, this book is one of the goriest books I ever read, and trust me I read a lot of gory books. I found this book in the Young Adult fantasy, horror, and science fiction section.

4. Into the Wild (Warriors) by Erin Hunter
   I first read this book in in fourth grade and I have read all the books in all the various series. It is a little lower level reading then all the other books on my list but oh well. It is about a cat names Rusty who has always dreamed of going into the forest. Then one day he does. Rusty tries to hunt for a mouse, but the bell on his collar gave him away, then a Clan cat names Graypaw attacks him and Rusty fights bak. Other clan cats see how good he fought, for a kittypet and since they are low on cats they invite him. Eventually he desides to join the clan and he gets the name Firepaw. Threw the book he goes threw a lot of advetures. This book is truely brilliant I remember being mesmerized with it even though it was a long time ago when I read this book I still read all the books in the series, in fact there is two more coming out 3-23 that I have to buy.

5. Bloody Jack: Being and Account of the Curious Adventures of Mary "Jacky" Faber by L.A. Meyer
     This book is great. It might even be first on the list if I would ever just finish the book series. It is about a London street urchin in the late really 1700s names Mary who dresses up in one of her dead friend's clothes and cuts her hair so she can pass as a boy and join the British navy as a ship's boy. She goes through a lot of adventures. She falls in love with a fellow ship's boy names James and she gets captured by pirates. This book is just loads of fun and the main character talks cool.

6. Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld
     This is a steampunk book based in a very different version of WW1 by brilliant author Scott Westerfeld. This version of WW1 is that the Allies machines are really mutated animals (isn't that cool) and the Central Powers use just regular machinery. It is just so cool. There is two main character, one in frans Ferdinand's son, Alek and the other is a girl pretending to be a boy so she can join the British air force names Deryn. Anyway so I don't give it away, the two main characters go through a lot of things until finally the main characters come together. This book is just so cool.

7. London, 1850 (Vampire Plagues) by Sebastian Rook
     This book as a children's book staring three kids named Jack, Benedict (don't you just love that name), and Emily. Jack is a street urchin and one day he sees a ship come to dock and a lot of bats fly out. Soon he meets Benedict a stowaway on the ship. Benedict tells him a horrifying tale about a trip to Mexico with his father. Jack becomes friends with Benedict and his sister, Emily. Then a mysterious plague starts gripping London in a tight grasp. Oh no it is vampires! So with help the trio have to get rid of them. This book is a great easy read, but a little hard to get. Oh ya, did i mention it is based in 1850.

8. Skin Hunger by Kathleen Duey
     This book is a great fantasy. I started this one day while I was sick around six o clock and I read until one o clock in the morning it was so good. It follows two people who seem to not be connected at all Sadima and Hahp. In Sadima's story she can talk to animals, her mom was killed when she was born by a "magician" so her dad and brother didn't like magic. Well rumors went around about what she can do and this guy named Franklin (he is so cool) talks to about coming to the city. After that there is a lot of adventures. In Hahp's story, his dad is trying to get rid of him, so he sends him to a magic school, but this magic school is no Hogwarts it is much cooler, usually only one of the students usually survive to become a wizard. Anyway they are not really nice to the students they don't let them eat until the conjure up their own food. Well, anyway at the end you see how the two storys connect. It is just so awesome.

9. The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak
    This book is great. It is based in Nazi Germany and the main character is a girl named Liesel who is living with a foster family because her parents were Communists. She goes threw a lot there like hiding a Jewish man named Max in her basement who she becomes friends with. There is always the threat of a bomb over her city's head. Anyway this book is very unique because death narrates it. This book is really good, read it now! The ending made me cry.

10. Revenge of the Witch of The Spook's Apprentice (The Last Apprentice of The Wardstone Chronicles) by Joseph Delaney
       This book is spooky fun. It is based in, I'm guessing, 1700s England it doesn't right out say but you can tell it is not modern. It is about a boy named Thomas Ward who becomes a apprentice to the old spook Gregory. They go through spooky fun adventures, Tom even becomes friends with a young witch or sometimes not a witch. Anyway it a little like The Monstrumologist, but not nearly as serious of violent.

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