Thursday, 11 March 2010

No Promises in the Wind Book Review

Author: Irene Hunt
Publication Date: January 1970
Grade: A-
Gender: Male and Female
Age: 11+
Genre: Historical Fiction
   I thought this book would be boring because it was a forty years old and the cover is terrible, but as you can see by my rating I was happily surprised. It reads smooth and quick. Since of course I love historical fiction it was great in that aspect to, very interesting. Even though it was a great book the main character Josh was simply in my eyes annoying an mean. Poor Joey having to deal with him. I thought it odd that he fell in love with Emily who was fifteen years older and already had three children, it just seemed very unlikely. His relationship with Janey was a little better, but I don't think the author developed it enough. Otherwise then that the book was excellent. Even though I didn't like Josh much, all the other characters were really good. Joey was the best, he was so sweet in the book. It was a little upsetting how Howie died at the very start, I was already starting to like him. Oh well to bad. It showed us how bad it was during the Great Depression. It wasn't that depressing because something always happened to make it better for Josh and Joey. Anyway way this is a great fun book that can give you a look back in time.

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