Thursday, 25 March 2010

Soulstice Book Review

Author: Simon Holt
Publication Date: 9/01/09
Grade: B+
Gender: Male and Female
Age: 12+ (Strict Parents: 13+)
Genre: Horror
     I absolutely loved the first book in this series, it was great scary fun! This one was also great fun, but at parts it just became a little too cheesy for me. Let's just say if it was a movie Rotten Tomatoes would probably give it a rotten tomatoe for something like too many cheap scares of something like that. Anyway it was fun, but it wasn't totally memorable like the first book The Devouring. The lines weren't cheesy, but some parts were just unbelievable. The beginning was pretty, actually most of it wasn't cheesy it was more the climax. It became kind of science fiction. Ok seriously the Vours having a underground gigantic Vour- human science lab. Seriously, why would they happen to choose the town the book was based in? I don't know. Everything just seemed to happen in that town, with really no reason. Ok when  Quinn betrayed Reggie and then he got caught I just didn't get how they just stabbed a needle through Quinn's forehead to get connected to the prain, don't you have to do a clean injection, I just don't know. When Reggie is in the Fearscapes of  Keech and Quinn, they were Vours for a long time, so it said that their Fearscapes would big bigger, but they were just a big as Henry's Fearscape and he was only a Vour for a few months. I also didn't get the path Quinn spotted when they were leaving the Fearscape, maybe they explained it and I missed it. It was really sad the Eben died, well at least we know the author is not afraid of dropping his characters. I also thought it was really cheesy at the very end when Reggie's dad didn't believe her about the Vour and he took her to the hospital it was just weird, but at least it left us wanting to read the next book. So in all the book was fun, even if it was on the cheesy side. I am pretty sure I will read the next book.

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  1. Yeah, it was a touch on the cheesy side but the ending had me yelling for more! The first book was definitely the best, though.