Monday, 22 March 2010

The Frightened Man Book Review

Author: Kenneth Cameron
Publication Date: 4/28/09
Grade: B-
Gender: Male (Some Females)
Age: 14+ (Strict Parents: 15+)
Genre: Historical and Mystery
    This book took forever for me to read and even longer for me to write a review on. Let's start out with positives. The main character was great, he was different from a lot of main characters and highly developed. There was also a lot of good historical details, it showed me that I might not want to live in early 1900s London because women are treated very poorly, the ending was truly surprising, well at least for me. Ok now, since I always dwell on the downers, here is what I didn't like about the story. Some parts were extremely boring that is why it took me so long to read it, but I can give it this there was a lot of parts that were exciting too. But it was very choppy, it didn't flow smoothly. The main character Denton was very adventurous, but sometimes I thought he was just stupid. Seriously he went to far trying to figure out who killed the young prostitute, Stella Minter (or is she) then most common people would, he didn't even know her! Well, maybe he was just a good person, he does treat women better then most other people in the book. I didn't think his relationship with Mrs. Striker wasn't that well developed I don't think, the author could of done more with it. In all it was a ok novel, I might read the next one since the ending was very good, but I might not.

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