Sunday, 7 March 2010

Book To Movie: Let The Right One In

I recently saw the movie based off Let the Right One In. I reviewed the book earlier on this blog. I have one thing to say about the movie. It was great. I usually don't like movies based off of books I read, but this one was great. There was a few differences, but even with the differences they pulled it off awsomely, if that is even a word. Ok here is one major thing that was different, Tommy was not in the movie at all. Which was okay with me I like Oskar better. Another major thing is that when  Hakan fell out of the window in the hospital, in the movie he died, didn't wake up, no creepy vampire Hakan. The last major difference was that Hakan was a pedophile. Which was okay since my parents might have not let me seen it. So all was good. They also changed Jonny's name to Conny and Johan's name to Martin. Which wasn't really that big of a difference because I still got who they are. Well anyway with the differences or without, this movie was great. Like the book the romance between Oskar and Eli was so cute and innocence. My friend and I said awww every five seconds we thought it was so cute. It was so good. Anyway my old favorite vampire movie was Interview with the Vampire, now it is Let the Right One In. It was so good.

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