Thursday, 1 April 2010

Hazel by Julie Hearn- April 2010

Time for a third book. Ok because nothing is really happening with the book of the month I have an idea. If you read or have read this book on May 1st you can type a review in the comments and I can post it. Oh ya sorry I can't have cool prizes, I don't have enough money barely to even buy the books I read.

Sweet but dull - that's how life has always been for Hazel Louise Mull-Dare. With money pouring in from the family's Caribbean sugar plantation, a father who spoils her rotten, and no pressure to excel in anything whatsoever, her future is looking as prim and proper as one of her hats. But on the day of the Epsom Derby - June 4th, 1913 - everything changes. A woman in a dark coat steps out in front of the King's horse, dying days later from her injuries. Who was she and why did she do it? Hazel is determined to find out. But finding out leads her into worse trouble than she could ever have imagined. It leads to banishment. To secrets that have festered, and a shame that lingers on. To madness and misunderstanding in the place where sugar cane grows. Sweet but dull - that's how life used to be for Hazel Louise Mull-Dare. Not any more.

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